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How It Works


Covid 19 vs. Networking

The ability to network in order to develop or make new contacts & drive business has been dramatically impacted by the Corona Virus Pandemic.  “In Person” networking events have been cancelled or become “virtual,” leaving no way for business pros to market themselves or exchange business cards.

We were NOT OK with that and wanted to provide a solution.

How We Are Different

When you RSVP to an NCrowd event, you can see who else is attending and they can see YOU!  Users can browse LinkedIn & business profiles, learn about each other, chat, and exchange & archive digital business cards.

The Digital Business Card

NCrowd brings your business card to life!  Sync & bundle your social media accounts and users will be able to visit your social media pages by simply clicking on the icon.  This is a great way to market yourself and familiarize yourself with other users way beyond the old school business card

Our Planet, Our Future

Studies show that there are over 10 Billion (yes billion!) paper business cards printed in the United States annually; and over 88% of those cards are lost or thrown away within the first 4 days of exchange.  We hope to have a positive & significant impact on trees & reducing paper waste by allowing our users to create, exchange, and archive digital business cards.

It’s the content of the business card that is important, not the paper the content is printed on!  Download NCrowd today and be part of the next generation of business professionals that change the world. 

“We hope NCrowd is as valuable for the next generation of business professionals as it would have been for us 15 years ago.  Having a positive impact on the planet is definitely the icing on the…tree.”

– Ncrowd Founders

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Latest News

Ncrowd News
September 22, 2020

USHCC National Conference to Feature NCrowd: Latino-Owned App for Virtual Networking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   September 22, 2020   USHCC National Conference to Feature NCrowd; Latino-Owned App for Virtual Networking   Washington D.C. – NCrowd, the first Latino-owned networking smartphone app will again be the featured…
Ncrowd News
September 8, 2020

The Development Process of NCrowd

When we developed NCrowd we wanted to think of everything in terms of getting into the experience of what networking is and the challenges and difficulties it presents and try…
Ncrowd News
July 23, 2020

Strengthen Business Relationships With a Re-Branded Company

Companies dwindling due to market changes, internal issues, or bad press may find renewed growth with a strong re-branding strategy. Business turn-around is more than just an updated logo and…

Reviews & Testimonials

Social + Events = Finally!
If my professional app and my event app had a baby it'd be NCrowd. I'm a serial networking trying to expand my reach in multiple cities. I come to NCrowd to find my events, know who's attending the same stuff I am (see who's in the room), and connect ---> see profile / biz card and contact info. We chat almost exclusively in the NCrowd app. Love love.


I attended a virtual networking event put on by Houston Young Professionals. The virtual event was in NCrowd and everyone who attended rsvp'd on NCrowd. After the event, I connected with 4 people. Our digital business cards, profiles, social media all exchanged, archived, & shareable...all on my NCrowd app. The modern way to network ANYWHERE. No paper cards, no not remembering who’s who, none of that. Simple, efficient, networking in the modern world.

Larry, TX

Life Changing App 5 Star!!
Life changing app for business professionals and those who professionally network. Absolutely love it. It’s an integral part of my business.


I love that I am part of a movement to help the planet and reduce paper waste. Paper cards don’t even work that well anyway. A digital, archived card that has live links, shareable and wont get lost? No brainer.

Frank MoralesMedia Digital Source

Uploading events to NCrowd is a breeze and we love that our members have the ability to pre-network before the event or virtually if they cant physically be there.

Efrain Franco JrUCCCC President

Adding our events to Ncrowd allows us to a national foot print. If people do business in Austin but are not able to travel here, they can virtually RSVP, market themselves and exchange digital cards from their home city.

Luis RodriguezPresident Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber

This saved our bacon…with Covid-19, our events had to stop. But with NCrowd, we were able to still have some virtual events and allow networking to still take place. So glad we work with NCrowd.

Laura MitchellPresident Lake Travis Chamber

Sylvia “Celeste” and I are excited to be working with NCrowd! We host our virtual events on zoom but now, with NCrowd, our virtual attendees have the ability to exchange digital business cards.

Freddy GoergesPresident Houston Young Professionals

I don’t ever have to worry anout losing another business card again, or having mine lost for that matter.

Zarron Gonzalez

As a female business owner in Residential Construction it has been challenging to find ways to market myself and my company. With Ncrowd, I simply RSVP to events and my profile/business card are out there. I RSVP to EVERYTHING.

Heather HartonOwner Pearl Services

Swipe to exchange business cards? Ummm Thank You and You’re Welcome PLANET.

Celestina Encina

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